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Bubble Hair Care

Scalp Treatment Machine Application

Anti-hair removal SPA treatment device is a comprehensive device that integrates all the functions required for hair care and skin management.

Scalp Treatment Machine integrates the most advanced equipment and embodies all the functions required for scalp, hair loss and skin care.

Bubble Spa can perform all procedures for scalp, hair loss and skin care.

Scalp Treatment Machine Description

1.Aroma mist sprauer (use with scalp cleaner or essential oil )

◆Use pure water or distilled water to put 3-4 drops of essential oil(or scalp cleaner ) and spray it (the air sprayed from the instrument is negativeion air, and the aromatherapy is used to humidify and inject oxygen)


2.Micro bubble generator brown (Shampoo with tiny foam)

◆Fill the plastic bottle with shampoo and water and mix in the right amount. After blocking the round holes on the bottle cap, you can spray foam to dry the hair.

◆The general mixing ratio of shampoo is water: shampoo= 5: 1(Different according to the concentration ratio of shampoo)


3.Micro bubble generator green (hair loss nurtrient solution)

◆use hair loss nurtrient solution to the hair


4.Galvanic heat massage

◆After applying massage cream to the massage area

◆Adjust the "+" and "-" buttons under the screen time, energy and heat


5. photon healing brush

◆Red and blue laser beams that are repeatedly iradiated by micro-wave vibration and ion introduction promote the remark circulation of the head and achieve sterilization and stabilization, improve the scalp and promote hair regeneration and other multifunctional laser soothing devices.


6.Air brush

◆Pour the water-based essence into a watering can and spray the scalp evenly with negative ions.

Scalp Treatment Machine

Scalp Treatment Machine

Scalp Treatment Machine

Scalp Treatment Machine

Scalp Treatment Machine

Scalp Treatment Machine

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