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OFAN Magic chair

"EMS Magic Chair" subverts the traditional treatment of urinary incontinence. Through the revolutionary technology "HIgh pulse" high-intensity focused electromagnetic field, the motor neurons are stimulated to control the pelvic floor muscles, causing the pelvic floor muscles to produce repeated hyper-contraction movements, so as to rebuild the strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles and the urinary system.

Operating Principle

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2. Advantages
(1)"EMS Magic Chair" can activate pelvic floor muscle tissue and promote collagen regeneration; effectively enhance pelvic floor muscles and restore.
(2)Tighten, improve elasticity; strengthen pelvic floor muscles, repel incontinence, urine leakage, dripping, protruding lower abdomen, lower pelvic relaxation and other problems;
(3)Get rid of problems such as difficult orgasm.
Trigger the pelvic floor muscles to tighten about 12,000 times within (4)30 minutes, effectively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, improve urine leakage, and relax the private position and other issues. The effect is far more than ordinary Kegel exercises.

·Using the most advanced non-invasive vaginal reduction technology, no need to undress, safe, comfortable, and no abstinence period.
·One course of treatment is better than more than 10,000 Kegel exercises, and the effect of the course of treatment is more significant.
·It only takes 30 minutes to sit up for each treatment, zero pain, zero anesthesia, and zero recovery period.
·Repair pelvic floor dysfunction, improve vaginal dryness and relaxation, urinary incontinence, can do prostate, suitable for men and women.

Non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation

1.Magic for Male and female urinary incontinence. 

2.Easy treatment by sitting comfortably while fully clothed

3.28 minute session =11, 200 contractions=11,200 Kegel exercises.

OFAN Magic chair

OFAN Magic chair

OFAN Magic chair

OFAN Magic chair

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