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What Is Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine And How Does It Work

Mar. 17, 2022

What Is Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine And How Does It Work


There are many people in the world who are struggling to reduce fat. However, many solutions are not as effective as you think in life. Even though you go to the gym and do exercise outdoor and keep a healthy diet, the stubborn fat on certain parts of your body still doesn't wanna leave. Don't worry, there is a method to remove this unwanted fat, called it to vacuum cavitation slimming machine. In this post, I will mainly explain to you what is vacuum cavitation slimming machine and how it works.


What Is Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine?

Vacuum cavitation slimming machine highlight two main functions. One for vacuum negative pressure therapy, another for ultrasound cavitation. Vacuum negative pressure suction and release movement massage skin and muscles can effectively improve the fluidity of body fluids between human cells, accelerate the blood circulation of microvessels.

Ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive procedure that uses a low-frequency sound to dissolve the fat, which designed for body contouring and cellulite treatment. Ultrasound cavitation combined with vacuum negative pressure, it will get more effective result.


How Does It Work?

A Vacuum Cavitation System uses a low-frequency sound wave to target fat cells. These waves are produced by a collective strong sound wave head that is applied to the skin. The result is an instantaneous explosion of fat cells and effective consumption of calories and moisture within them. The treatment leaves surrounding tissue completely unharmed, allowing the patient to resume normal activities right away. In addition, the vacuum negative pressure also speeds up lymph detoxification.

Vacuum negative pressure is performed on the epidermal layer, the vascular layer, the tissue layer, and the nervous system layer of the fat skin respectively through vacuum suction and release movement. Not only increase the movement of the cell, but also accelerate lymph detox.

Ultrasound cavitation uses a low-frequency sound wave(range from 25 to 42kHz, around 40 kHz generally) resonate with fat cells membrane and destroy the entire fat cells. Due to the effect of vacuum suction, free fatty and waste will be discharged and decomposed through the body metabolism more quickly.


How Does It Feel Like?

Most customers will feel a vacuum pressure massage on your skin through one suction and one release process when the vacuum handpiece is working at the treated area. Meanwhile, they will also feel a few buzzing sounds in the head when cavitation handpiece touched on the body area. Worry not, it is safe and comfortable during the treatment procedure. Of course, the better experience depends on the aesthetician's skills.

The Advantages Of Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine

1. Safety

Vacuum cavitation slimming machine provides a non-invasive procedure to reduce stubborn fat and shape body. It is safe and comfortable during the treatment process.

2. Painless

Vacuum cavitation slimming is a painless and non-surgical method for weight loss. It didn't need any surgical steps that are painful. And it doesn't cause any wound and scars.

3. Extensive treatment area

Whatever the stubborn fat is on your abdomen or on your arm, vacuum cavitation slimming always be the best choice. It can be used for a large treatment area, like belly, buttock, and thigh. Also, used for the small area, like upper or legs.

4. Better & faster slimming result

The results of vacuum cavitation slimming are very obvious and immediate. Typically, you can see the results in 3 to 4 treatments. The better result depends on everyone's actual condition.

5. Friendly and long-lasting

In general, vacuum cavitation slimming don't require must efforts and aftercare, just drinking plenty of water, eating healthy food, like these basic things. Then, do more slimming treatments. You will get a friendly and long-lasting result.


What Does It Cost?

Typically, vacuum cavitation slimming machine doesn't cost you too much. It is affordable and reasonable. The price range is USD$200~ USD$600.

Is There Any Side Effects Of Vacuum Cavitation Slimming?

In general, the vacuum cavitation slimming has no obvious side effect. You might get the redness on the treated area, but this redness goes away within a short time. It doesn't affect the slimming result.


How To Maintain The Results Of Vacuum Cavitation Slimming?

One thing you have to note is that vacuum cavitation slimming machine cannot bring you a permanent fat reduction. Without a healthy lifestyle and regular diet, you will get fat again. Therefore, vacuum cavitation slimming incorporated with exercise and a healthy diet for an optimal effect.


Cautions Before & After Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Treatment

1. You should drink plenty of water before treatment to avoid body water loss.

2. Apply ultrasound gel or essence on the treated area before using cavitation head.

3. Please remove all metal objects from your body before treatment to avoid unpredictable conditions and affect the efficacy.

4. Do not take a bath or sauna immediately after treatment.

5. After using cavitation treatment, with aerobic exercise, you will get a better result for fat reduction.

6. Avoid drinking alcohol before doing the vacuum cavitation treatment, drinking will increase the burden on the liver and it is not easy to metabolize waste.


How To Select Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine?

You can choose the slimming machine through these aspects, like the machine portability, functions, treatment duration, and cost. Of course, other aspects can be included as well. In a word, you should choose vacuum cavitation slimming machine according to actual needs.



This article highlight what is the vacuum cavitation slimming machine and how does it work. I hope above these will help you. We are a vacuum cavitation slimming machine supplier. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

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