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Hair Care Laser

Hair care manufacturer machine-to-grow-hair diode laser hair-analysis-equipment

190pcs 650nm Dioder laser Hair Analysis camera Micro-current Brush W/ Photon High Frequency Ozone comb Oxygen Spray W. nutrition ampoule.

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Hair Care Laser

Anti hair loss treatment/ hair regrowth/Health scalp care

Hair analysis camera

200X(can help analysis hair condition)

High Frequency Electrotherapy and Ozone Comb (Stimulate scalp help hair regrowth)

High frequency electrotherapy instrument function is as follows:sterilization,treat hair follicle cavities and inflammation,promote the hair follicular scalp wound healing;reduce and adjust the excessive secretion of sebum,promote metabolism;Promote lymph and blood circulation,improve the regeneration of hair follicle cells;Due to the current conduction electrode generated by the vibration,also have the effect of calm and message on the scalp.

Photontherapy brush (Stimulate scalp ,promote blood circulation)

To improve the  synthesis of collagen,strengthen the elasticity of the scalp.Tighten strengthen scalp muscle elasticity,clear toxin metabolism and entrapped liquid of scalp.eliminate fatigue,restore scalp heal.

Oxygen Spray W. nutrition ampoule

Give scalp a deep moisturizing and increase water content of scalp; Promote skin cells regeneration, promote the healing of hair follicle holes, increase the oxygen in the scalp, activate hair follicles ; Promote the regeneration of the skin collagen andelastin, soothe sensitive, relieve swelling and inflammation of the scalp phenomenon; Supplement energy, improve microcirculation and scalp respiratory system, improve containing oxygen and the metabolism of hair follicles

Laser Featurediode laser (Low-Level Laser )
Laser Wavelenth650nm
Laser  PowerMax 10mw or
(Max 130mw each LD for option)
Laser Amount190PCS
Working modeContinue and pluse
High frequency electrode comb1pc
Microcurrent therapy1pc
Voltage110V/220V ,50Hz/60Hz
Cooling systemAir cooling
Packing Dimension111*54*60CM

Hair Care Laser

Hair Care Laser

Hair Care Laser

Hair Care Laser

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